DeKalb Public Library Partnership

DeKalb School District continues to have a strong partnership with the DeKalb Public Library. The library provides many valuable opportunities for our teachers, students, and parents. We are excited for their expansion and the additional opportunities that will be available to our community.

Additional Information for the DeKalb Public Library:

DeKalb Public Library Website

DeKalb Public Library- Public Internet Policy *locate new link*

Helpful Information for Students:

1. If you take your chromebook to the library and are not able to connect to the wifi:

  • Do a hard restart. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the screen goes black.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Now press the power button to turn the chromebook on again.

2. If you want to print at the library:

Option 1: Save your items on a jump/flash drive and take your drive to a computer at the library that is connected to a printer.

  • Your chromebook has a USB port on the right and left side. Insert your jump/flash drive in this USB slot.
  • Now save your documents to the jump/flash drive: Open your document. Click on File, Download As (pdf document), Select your jump/flash drive on the left side of the screen. (Another option that works the same way is to Print to pdf: File, Print, Destination: Print to PDF, Select your jump/flash drive on the left side of the screen.) If you have trouble opening the file, ask a Librarian for help.
  • When save is complete, click the arrow next to your jump/flash drive's name to safely eject the drive. Another way to get to this location is All Apps -> Files.

Option 2: Print from a library computer.

  • Sign-in to a computer at the library. **Your parent must have signed the agreement before you can login to use the computer.
  • Open the library browser, usually in the upper, left corner. Login to Google to access your items and print.

Option 3: Save a tree - don't print.

  • Instead of printing, turn your item in using Google Classroom. This means that you have turned in the item electronically to your teacher and will not need to print.
  • Instead of printing, save the items as a pdf and email it to your teacher. This is another way of turning in the item electronically and will not to be printed.