Frontier Network Settings

posted Sep 12, 2014, 9:03 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 12, 2014, 11:26 AM ]
Now that things appear to be working correctly with the Chromebooks and our webfilter (, we've been able to work with Frontier on the various setting options.  In our initial conversations with Frontier, they simply stated that our families should leave their DSL firewall to no security as that is the default setting.  While that worked for testing purposes, it isn't something we would ever recommend.  We don't agree with that and have been testing some of the other options.
Once you are able to log into your modem, please select Firewall from the top menu.  You should then see a page that looks similar to this:
We found that No Security and Medium Security worked without any special configuration.  You may be comfortable with selecting one of those options.  Overall we would recommend that you choose "Typical Security" as shown in the photo above.  However, once you select Typical Security and click apply, the district provided Chromebook will no longer work correctly as it won't be able to communicate with our web filter at

There are a couple of extra steps that you'll need to complete to allow the Chromebook to communicate with our filter correctly.

Your going to want to create a Dynamic Trigger Port called 428Filter for port 8888.
Click Port Forwarding that is in the left hand menu.
You'll get a warning message, but if you want to proceed, you'll need to click the Yes button.
Leave your current profile alone and click the Add link near the bottom.
Click the Create button on the New Port Forwarding Rule.

On the next page first select the radio button for "Port Triggering".
After the page refreshes, fill it out so that it looks like the screen shot below and click apply.

You will be taken back to the New Port Forwarding Rule page.
Select your newly created rule from the drop down menu.
Select Dynamic.
Click Apply.
You might get a message that the rule is already active.  If that is the case, just click cancel.

Click close one more time and you should be all set.