Our mission is to educate our students to reach their potential while preparing them to contribute to a global society.  

The 1 to 1 Journey Begins . . .
 2012-2013 Events
  • DeKalb CUSD 428 brought together a group of stakeholders to discuss the vision of technology within education.  This visionary team went through a SWAT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities for success and Threats against success) Analysis. 
  • Two elementary schools pilot websites to increase and enhance communication between home and school
  • Small teams visited school districts that are implementing 1 to 1 devices
  • Technology Committee continues discussion and research for implementing 1 to 1
  • Secondary Schools work with Common Core Standards
2013-2014 Events
  • All elementary school implement websites to increase and enhance communication between home and school
  • Increase of tech equity across the district with the implementation of Technology Enhanced Classrooms. 
  • District adopted Google Apps for Education
  • Internet filter is changed to accommodate instructional needs
  • Teams of teachers, administrators and Board Members continue to visit school districts that are implementing 1 to 1 devices
  • Implement a few 1 to 1 classroom pilots at both middle schools and high school
  • Technology Committee presents information to FFAC and Board of Education
  • Students in 1 to 1 pilot classrooms present a lesson at Board of Education meeting
  • Elementary and Secondary Schools work with Common Core Standards and PARCC Assessments
2014-2015 Events
  • Pilot Samsung Galaxy Android tablet issued at Lincoln Elementary School, grades K-5
  • Pilot Dell Chromebooks in 8th grade class at Clinton Rosette and Huntley Middle Schools
  • Secondary schools implement new website platform to increase and enhance communication between home and school
  • Middle School Internet Safety Night held at CRMS
  • Tech Integration Open House held at Lincoln Elementary
  • Board approves Curriculum and Technology Initiative, which includes three year rollout of devices
  • 1:1 Open House held at DHS 
  • Chromebooks collected from pilot program for review.  Students that participated in summer school at DHS were issued the chromebook again to continue using the device as a tool for learning.
2015-2016 Events
  • All students and classroom teachers 3-8 receive an Acer 720p touchscreen Chromebook as part of the District Curriculum and Technology Initiative.  9th grade students continue to use their chromebook from previous school year.
  • Teachers participate in summer and ongoing professional development.
  • Instructional coaches support teachers in elementary, middle school, and high school buildings.